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Homepage Design for a company, where users can browse hotels based on their location or hotels favored for certain activities chosen by the user.

Oxygen – Bad Girls Club Widget

Bad Girls Club widget is a quiz widget that matches user input with a character on the show, which is embeddable to social media websites.

360i Homepage Flash

360i Homepage Interactive flash piece that demonstrates work produced at 360i using the 360 degree concept where each project is revealed upon user rollover, on click users are taken to project detail page to read about displayed case studies.

HGTV I Dream Big Microsite

HGTV Dream Home Microsite is a user generated content driven flash microsite where the user uploads their photo, selects a type of house and the vector illustration of the house and the character turns into a real photo where the HGTV 2 million dollar worth giveaway house is promoted and can be posted to your web social media profiles or sent to friends. All houses have the humorous characters that go with them, such as a lumberjack in front of a jungle house, a swiss shepherd in front of a swiss chalet etc.


Comedy Central – Indecision’08

A campaign promoting election night live coverage with Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert, by users building stereotypes using their photos.

MTV – Legally Blonde Banner

MTV had a new reality show where contestants are competing to be the new Elle Woods for the Legally Blonde Musical, Bruiser, Elle’s pet was used for animation such as blinking and wagging tail on a directors chair, on the stage to draw the viewers attention.

Lord & Taylor – My Shopper

This idea was pitched to Lord & Taylor as a home page hero takeover – Interactive widget to display their collections for a certain season and the user would pick the color and the items they prefer and the application would provide you with similar styles and similar looks and the user would be able to purchase the items on the spot.


Stokke – Chair Promo Banner

Stokke – Tripp Trapp chair banner campaign focuses on how a kid would express their need to sit with the adults by the help of this product. – Banners

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Southpark Studios promote the launch of their new website where they had added most of their legendary episodes for view.

Knightrider – Facebook Widget

Knight Rider is a flash widget used to advertise the premier of the two hour movie special before the series was restarted. The actual voice artist was used to describe parts of the car where he was referring to facebook and social media.