Category: Widget

Homepage Concept

Wireless Technological Convergence
A strong visual composition aligns with an equally strong message – this homepage concept was designed for an industry partner who can meet all businesses wireless needs. The easy to use navigation bar and dual search tools invite the user to explore the site for products and services by industry or solution.

Feedback Portal

A design for a portal where users can submit comments and get feedback about their comments, which changes backgrounds dynamically according to message type.

Oxygen – Bad Girls Club Widget

Bad Girls Club widget is a quiz widget that matches user input with a character on the show, which is embeddable to social media websites.

Lord & Taylor – My Shopper

This idea was pitched to Lord & Taylor as a home page hero takeover – Interactive widget to display their collections for a certain season and the user would pick the color and the items they prefer and the application would provide you with similar styles and similar looks and the user would be able to purchase the items on the spot.


Knightrider – Facebook Widget

Knight Rider is a flash widget used to advertise the premier of the two hour movie special before the series was restarted. The actual voice artist was used to describe parts of the car where he was referring to facebook and social media.